This Man Jesus



April 15, 2001, Mosque Maryam – Chicago, IL.

Text Excerpt from Minister Farrakhan’s address:  

The True Teaching of Jesus is what you want. It is what I want. The True Teaching of Jesus Christ is what the whole world needs. If Satan is going to deceive us, he has to deceive us about the most important person, and, the most important person is Allah (God) and Jesus because Jesus is the one that ends the power of Satan. He absolutely overcomes death.

If you are on a horizontal level, you are living your life, not as an upright human being, but, you are living your life as a low-life human being with a dog-like existence. A people that have taken their low desires as a god besides Allah (God), a lying, thieving, people. You are operating on a dead level. When you operate on that level, you are not of Jesus. You are of Satan, but, he has masqueraded so well, he has you thinking you are with Jesus, but, you are with Satan all the time.

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