Death Stands At The Door



July 27, 2003, Mosque Maryam – Chicago, IL.

In this lecture, Minister Farrakhan discussed the ideological foundations of activist groups specifically naming The Black Panther Party of the 1960s and the Five Percent Nation of Islam.

Both group were raised into consciousness and highly impacted by the answers to questions regarding race, economics and Black self determination given to them by the doctrinal base laid by the Nation of Islam.

Minister Farrakhan pointed out the fact that even though there are many who would not actually consider themselves “members” of the Nation of Islam, their lives have been influenced in a very profound and significant way by the ideology.

This is undeniably true. Consider the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of Black people in America who have changed their names to reflect their newly found identity. They have continued the legacy by giving their children names identifying them with elevated levels of consciousness and responsibility tied into the liberation struggle of their people. Black people, after all, are the largest victims of identity theft ever known in the history of man. Others have cast themselves in the position of the Chosen People of God, when in fact, the value and identity of the Chosen People still remains a mystery to many.

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