Divine Guidance in a Time of World Crisis



ACLC Prayer Breakfast
Salaam Restaurant – Chicago, IL.
August 15, 2017

“Samuel said, ‘Obedience is better than sacrifice’ (1 Samuel 15:22).  See, you can give up a dollar, but can you give up your will to do the Will of God?  That’s the question we (in the clergy) have to answer.  And when we can answer that question, then the desires of the world that have tempted us, and corrupted us—and have us preaching a weak and corrupted Gospel: that will never happen again.  And don’t you ever think that it’s too late to turn our lives around.  It’s never too late!  Stop making the church the wrong kind of business.  The church is Christ’s way of saving souls—that’s your ‘business’.  Not how much money came in the plate, but how many people did you get to honestly come to Christ; how many people did you get to accept Christ, and put down the world, and be baptized?  Not just with some water, but baptize them in The Wisdom of God.  We can turn our churches into oases of living waters for our people.  Take this home with you dear brothers and sisters, dear pastors:  Christ came to offer us the Mind of God that lived in him.  ‘Let this mind be in you, the same that is in Christ Jesus’ (Philippians 2:5-11).  Now, just think about that!  Christ walked among us, but he never deviated, he never broke God’s Law.  No, his character was impeccable.  He had the whole armor of God on, and he offered it to you and me.”

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